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Head Protection Protector Pad ...

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Size: Multiple
  • Rs 1387

Baby Safe Toddler Walking Lear...

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Size: Multiple
  • Rs 1931

Walking Belt Kid Keeper Walkin...

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Size: Multiple
  • Rs 1598

Soft Toy Wrist Rattles Finders...

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Size:3-6 Month
  • Rs 422

Crawling Elbow Cushion Infant ...

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Size:6-9 Month
  • Rs 532

Kids Boys Girls Solid Color Cl...

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Size:4 Year
  • Rs 850

Kids Boys Girls Solid Color Cl...

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Size:4 Year
  • Rs 850

Buy Boys Accessories in Pakistan from

The dressing is incomplete without the right accessories. Babies need more of them than adults in order to carry their outfit properly. Finding accessories for baby boys in the market is a difficult task because they aren’t easily available. You have to search for hours to find a small item and it’s pretty irritating. You end up just leaving and it results in an incomplete baby outfit. knows what dressing and fashion worries you go through; therefore, it comes up with solutions for them all. To solve the worry of buying boys accessories, it has made an exclusive section in the kid’s category. Visit it and find all the things you need for your baby.

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Buy Suitable Kid’s Accessories and Dress up Your Baby in Style!

Not only adults, kids, too, need different types of accessories for their clothes, hair, hands, etc. Kids are playful and rarely keep tools in their right condition. Therefore, you need durable accessories for them. brings branded ones even for your baby boy, so quality is guaranteed. Buy kid’s accessories at your fingertips and keep the worries of baby shopping aside. Have a look at some of the cute little accessories for boys available at and buy the ones you need.


You always need a belt when you buy pants for him. If you are a fashion-oriented mom, you need contrasting belts to go with shoes. Therefore, brings different types of baby belts in this section. The leather belts are also available in the category, so if you need a durable one, this one is a good choice. The boy’s belts are also affordable yet stylish, so give his dressing a modish touch up with them.


Buy gloves for boys at reasonable prices at Different types of boy’s gloves are available such as woolen ones for winter and leather for other purposes. Kid’s gloves are needed when it’s cold and his hands are unable to bear it. In such situations, you need woolen and fluffy cute little gloves for him. However, you have to protect his hands while playing as well such as during cycling and rowing.


You need different types of accessories for your baby in different weather conditions. If winters are intolerable for him, you need scarves and caps. Buy scarves for boys or winter caps for him for the purpose. However, caps are also needed for casual wear just for styling or as a protection from sunshine.


Enjoying his little gentleman look is such a perk! Make him wear a dress pant and shirt along with a tie and enjoy watching your little chap. The ties for boys at are available in different colors and styles to make it easier for you to shop according to your taste and needs. Make sure the tie you buy must be in contrast with the dress and shoes. Avoid matching colors as this is out of fashion.


A wristwatch looks chic even when he doesn’t know how to watch time. Kid’s watches are of different types, ranging from cartoonish to sober ones. The former goes with informal clothes; however, the latter suit formal dresses. Buy stylish watches for boys at and teach him a good dressing sense from childhood.


Mothers need schoolbags for their baby boys every now and then. Since it’s a daily needed item, they wear out pretty fast and you need a new one for him. The bags for boys at are durable and reasonable and pretty much solves your worry of frequent buying. Furthermore, there are sports bags in the category for his sports week, too. Buy the one you need and save money.


Apart from above-mentioned items, costumes for boys are also available at the store. Boy’s socks, sunglasses, knee protection, and other small costumes are available at reasonable prices. Find them all right at one place and have a worry-free shopping experience.

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