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Girls Party Dresses

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Size:2 Year
  • Rs 3800

Summer New Baby Girls Short Sl...

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Size: Multiple
  • Rs 1115

Best Baby Girls Dresses at!!

Make a Move, Wear Baby Girl Dresses!

Trends are short-lived but limitless when it comes to the online shopping in Pakistan's fashion industry. Nothing else makes a woman look as glamorous as a stunning dress does. Summers bring an exclusive range of summer girls dresses. From lawn to linen, every single fabric is up for grabs in the market and nobody likes to miss out on them.

View More... has become one of the most popular shopping platforms for girls dresses. There is an immense collection of upscale kids clothing with exclusive styles. Party wear is essential for numerous occasions in Pakistan and has alluring designs in girls party dresses. Surf through our collection of embroidered shirts for girls clothes top. Comfort is a prime need, especially in summer. We design what you need. Our range of cotton dresses maximizes the comfort and elevates your fashion statement.

Range of Baby Girl Dresses at

Mothers dress their girls up according to their own taste. Some ladies like matching her own clothes with her baby's at parties. Therefore, her wardrobe must include different types of dresses so that it becomes easy for you to match. has the most mouth-watering variety of baby girl dresses covering casual, formals, winter covers, frocks, and party dresses. You don’t have to struggle to look for rompers and jumpsuits anywhere else as we have got you covered on this too. Below are some of the stylish Pakistani baby girls dresses categories online available at


For your tiny fairies, you would love to buy casual girls frocks with panties. Or maybe you want to cover her in a T-shirt before wrapping her in a jumpsuit. You get all baby girls top, casual dresses nicely designed and colorful ones, at Cotton suits and frocks design for the little angels are also a nice pick if you want to stay in the casual-loop. 

Special Occasion

Deciding on what to wear while going for shopping or visiting relatives is quite a task. A cupboard full of clothes looks like a useless chest when you have pressure of looking the best on your trip. To solve your issue comes up with a variety of easy-to-go Pakistani girls dresses that are equally suitable for formal or informal events. Fancy dress for girls is always in a search mode when a girl is searching for a dress. Choosing one of the wedding dresses for girls, eid dresses for girls, eid dresses, girls party dresses you need the best quality ones with the shiniest pearls. And you find all the suitable items matching your searches, here at

Rompers and Jumpsuits

In summer you can allow your baby girl to enjoy light clothes. Jumpsuits for girls are designed to allow free movements of babies. The floral designs will add to the cuteness of your little angel. Carrying her around in baby romper or jumpsuit will make her feel light and who doesn’t want a happy smiling baby! Adding a floral headband on her forehead will serve as an icing on the cake. Rompers for girls at toddlers age is also a perfect choice to allow them to crawl and discover the world!


The infant babies need just as equal attention as the older kids. Therefore, a baby frock for your cutie is also included in this category. If your baby is just an infant make her wear cute little floral baby frock design available at, where you can find the best stylish dresses and the most versatile collection of frock design for girls. To keep your girl comfortable, cotton frocks with a variety of colors and baby frock designs are there.

Party Dresses

You can't avoid parties, ever! Getting dressed up for a party is loved by all. But when with a baby- an infant or a toddler, you might want to stay home keeping away the hustle. But has got your back by providing you with the best and easy party dresses not only for you, but also you can match the pieces with your little angelic girl. After all, who doesn’t like her baby girl to look like her on an event and especially on the first birthday celebration ceremony. To give your baby girl a decent and sparkly look you can select from floral and printed or frilled baby frocks to style your girl. The fancy dress for girls range at will take your dressing styles to the next level. Colorful bottoms from palazzos to tights and gharara dresses for girls are all there at to match your taste.

Here are the Different Types of Dress Designs for Girls

Causal Girls Dresses | Girls Formal Dresses | Girls Semi Formal Dresses | Girls Party Dresses | Girls Frocks | Girls Rompers | Girls Jumpsuits | Girls Western Dresses | Girls Eastern Dresses

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