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Ferozi Kurta For Eid

edenrobe Shop
Size:7 Year
  • Rs 1850 2600
  • 29%

Let Your Baby Girl Roam in Colors of Tradition

Our traditional clothes are all about colors and glamour. Nothing beats the charm of our Pakistani clothes and their grace. Just like women’s clothing, the baby girl’s traditional clothes are also full of colors and grace. This is the reason why mothers prefer Eastern traditional clothes for weddings and other occasions for their baby girls. This category includes different types of clothes such as shalwar kameez, gharara, lehenga, etc. Each dress has its own charm and grace, so try the one according to your time and need.

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A Variety of Traditional Clothes Available at

The traditional girl’s dresses in Pakistan are easily available both in the external market and online stores. Since these are traditional clothes, finding them isn’t a hard task. The difficulty is to find branded and stylish ones at reasonable prices. There is a huge influx of designers in the fashion industry in the past few years in Pakistan. Most of them are keenly focusing on improving the style of traditional clothes.

The girl’s Pakistani dresses available at are all designer made, chic, and absolutely reasonable. What is more, the level of affordability increases up to a great extent during discount offers and sales. These are the times when already lowered prices reach the lowest possible level and you get an opportunity to save a good amount of money.

Shalwar Kameez

The most widely preferred girl’s traditional cloth is shalwar kameez. It is an evergreen dress that never goes out of fashion, no matter what time, weather, or occasion it is. You can dress up your baby girl in shalwar kameez casually or formally. The traditional clothing section available at has more formal shalwar kameez than casual.


This, again, is an old traditional dress that has been in fashion for long. However, this is a formal dress, commonly preferred for weddings and parties. The gharara collection available at is perfect to wear to traditional wedding ceremonies.


The gharara and lehenga are very much similar, with the only difference of single and two-part bottoms. The bottom of the former has two leg parts like a trouser and each one is wide and roomy. However, the latter is made up of single piece bottom. The high heels look great with lehenga and gharara, but do not stress your baby girl out and make them wear medium height heels.


Maixees are long frocks and are preferred for weddings and parties. These, too, aren’t casual clothing items so buy formal ones for occasions only. Again, make your baby wear medium height heels as she won’t be able to carry too high ones.

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