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Aneeq Arshad

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  • @UthOye
  • Lahore
  • Member Since Nov. 2017

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Boys need nothing more than t-shirts with the arrival of summers. Teenage boys always look for t-shirts with funky designs to enhance their personality and make the most of the weather. Uth- oye is the brand you should be buying from as the t-shirts available there are exactly what boys want. Visit to find the coolest collection of uth-oye t-shirts and hoodies at the best prices ever.

What’s Unique About Uth-Oye?

One can easily distinguish between a t-shirt made by uth-oye and other brands due to the designs imprinted on them. The designs are unique and they don’t only suit a teenage boy, but the men in their 20s can also wear them if they like. The uniqueness of the designs is they are the combination of funkiness and sophistication.

Some t-shirts have interesting quotes imprinted while others have Simpsons, oye jigger, Batman and step-up art on them. Apart from these, some very interesting designs that allure a buyer to buy them so much include truck art, red Rahi Wehshi jut, Sultan Rahi, owl, transformer, iron man, and Quaid-e- Azam. All of these are eye-catching and hard to resist designs. Another interesting aspect of uth-oye t-shirts is some designs such as the truck art can be worn by both males and females.

All the t-shirts are perfect summer daily wears as the cotton fabric used in them are heat-friendly that keeps you cool the entire time. What is more, you can choose from five available sizes including small, medium, large, extra large, and extra plus large.

Uth-Oye Hoodies

Other than t-shirts, uth-oye collection available at also has hoodies with detailed designing on them. Even though they are for men, they can be worn by girls as well because the designs are distinguishing and suit them both. Some standout hoodie designs include snake, white clouds, and dekho (with a beautiful circular design). If you do not like such funky designs, you can go for the plain black hoodie available in the collection.

Hoodies and other winter wears are expensive items, but the uth-oye hoodies available at are the cheapest. Not only hoodies, the uth-oye t-shirt prices are also lower than regular prices and are affordable for everyone. You can always visit for the uth- oye t-shirts shopping in Pakistan at reduced prices because just like other products, this collection is also reasonable for all and has some classy designs.