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Walk in Elegance with Sophisticated Cardigans!

Every woman wishes to make her winter worthwhile, and for that, clothes play an important role. Despite a lot of fashion awareness in the past few years, there is still confusion between sweaters and cardigans. The “sweater” is a term used to describe any type of knitted top. However, the “cardigan” is the most specific term for sweaters with zippers or buttons. In order to let you try them on and tell the difference yourself, we have managed to make a nice collection of both for you. The team brings the branded ladies cardigans in Pakistan that are elegant winter wears.

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Buy a Variety of Cardigans 

Visit for ladies cardigans online shopping as the variety and price you find here are unique and exclusive. All the cardigans are branded, made by some of the renowned designers of the country. However, the collection includes a long list of cardigans to offer you a chance to make a perfect choice. Have a look at some of the best styles from us!

Open Cardigans: Even though the uniqueness of cardigans is that they have a zipper or buttons at the front, some are front open with a hemline that drapes around your body. They are mostly plain made up of a woolen material with a hemline or front borders. They are perfect to wear with straight pants or jeans and boots.

The open cardigans also come in wrapped forms that are becoming famous in the fashion world. If you want your shawl or stole to be substituted with something unique, go for wrapped cardigans.

Zipped Cardigans: Wear them with sweatpants or jeans either with a t-shirt or a shirt to make the most of your winters. Most of the zipped cardigans are waist length made out of knitted, cashmere, or cable knit material. When the temperature reaches too low and you can’t afford to compromise on your looks, buy a zipped cardigan and get the style you deserve.

Long Cardigans: They are very stylish and add value to your personality. Most of the times, they have buttons at the front but it’s your choice you may tie them up or leave them open. Women usually prefer leaving them open as they add grace to the walk. They make the perfect alternative to long coats and are easier to carry.

Hoodie/Jacket Type Cardigan: Consider them as sweaters with zipper at the front and a head cover. The former gives it a jacket look while the latter makes it look like a hoodie. The length may vary from waistline to knee and it can be worn either with jeans or sweatpants.

Have a Friendly Shopping Experience with 

Shopping can be hectic, we understand that! A huge market and you are looking for the perfect one! has a solution to your problem. We open our wardrobe right into your homes. We are merely just a click away. Start clicking now and style yourself with a fine choice of yours.

Place your order now and have it delivered to your doorsteps within four to five working days. If you do not feel comfortable, you can always contact the customer service department for exchange. We also know that some people consider online shopping a risk. To minimize their risk, the team has a return and exchange policy in case there are some issues with the product you bought.

The issue may be relayed to the size, color, or design, but remember, your reason needs to be a valid one for making return or exchange possible. The team will be happy to assist and guide you whenever you need.

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